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  TPNS 0.9.2   News  (2006-02-14 21:55:50)   
   Mikael Ulvesjö   
TPNS 0.9.2
Changes since tpns 0.9.1
  • Added column to the right with latest headlines, guestbook and comments.
  • Added name (e-mail for users/admin) and in guestbook and comments.
  • Require name on guestbook and comments.
  • Added more BBcode (see phpbb home page)
  • Added max upload file size.
  • Instalation validator plugin (file access, phpgd and ImageMagick)
  • Added hompage to users and to annon comments
  • Added "vallid css/xhtml1.1" logos
  • Added password reminder
  • Made the input filter more restrictive.
    Old passwords with special chars will need to be updated (use Password reminder to gain access).
  • Added admin interface for removed comments/guestbook entries.
  • And some bug fixes.
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  TPNS 0.9.1   News  (2005-12-04 22:23:46)   
   Mikael Ulvesjö   
TPNS 0.9.1
Chages since tpns 0.9.0
  • Upload and filebrowser.
  • keep edited texts in a separate file
  • Use php-GD when possible and fallback to ImageMagick
  • cache attrib querys
  • Use relative path in themes and when selecting themes
  • page generation time
  • sql query time (only in debug)
  • BBcode for font colors
  • Fonts in generated themes
  • property for thumb/small image max size
  • Update comments on acronyms
  • theme css change input feilds
  • Remove request id (rid) where its not needed
  • make sure upload date is not changed when downloading a file
  • theme based font sizes
  • Make sure search engine hits is not counted
    (Agents containing: bot, spider, crawl, seek, search, slurp, checker,meta, validator )
  • detect cookie less users
  • add type to news and do not use order
  • last updated date and time from latest news added/edited or file uploaded.
  • Make plugin of Create templates
  • last and current login time date and IP
  • Edit uploaded files info
  • cookies information according to the law of EU
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Number of news found: 2

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