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Todo before 1.0 relese:(Stroked out entries are included in test release)
  1. fix eng lang file
  2. Guestbook/comments spam protection
  3. Stop auto adding users
  4. Add support from view download files with bbcode [vfile=#][/vfile]
  5. Change order of comments to latest first
  6. Hide bbcode help by default and click button to see it
  7. Text size (Small, Normal and Large)
  8. Timed start splash page with only one large image that is a link to the init or start page.
  9. in viewnews remember sorting for next/prev
    (top votes/views/comments/admin news/personal news)
  10. Mail to admin on new user (conf)
  11. Fix news access system so all kind of news can be set with different access
    (move: In my home, private, removed to "news type")
  12. Default "Access" when adding news (conf)
  13. Do not allow normal users add news that can be read by annon or limited users (conf)
  14. add icons in user list to show if any image or description is added
  15. Option to have one start page for each access level.
  16. Admin interface to see all start pages.
  17. Config for file upload access
  18. Show role when logedin
  19. Config to set acronyms case sensitive
  20. Config to set lowest access to add/read comments
  21. Print webmaster e-mail at the bottom of the page
  22. add rel="nofollow" on vote,register,textsize and password recovery
  23. "No logins" information image in "user list"
  24. Sorting of user list
  25. Login counter
  26. Browser statistics
  27. Valid Atom feed
  28. validate RSS feed
  29. Atom feed icon image
  30. CSS for Atom feed
  31. RSS feed icon image
  32. new "valid X" images
  33. save sessiongs to db (sql sessions)
  34. session management (list loged in users/annon users and remove sessions)
  35. Subpages, add "hidden" news and create a link with bbcode in an other news.
  36. User page for Subpages (hidden news)
  37. Admin page for Subpages (hidden news)
  38. bbcode for internal links (pages)
  39. bbcode for internal links to category(pages)
  40. Released build 39
  41. Fix problems with bbcode tabe with br:s in wrong place
  42. Hide browserstat when not enabled
  43. Fix require_once( 'Table.php' ); problem in run_query()
  44. allow annon users to change language (config)
  45. config to disable ALL uploads (for servers that dont accept upload)
  46. Optimize performance and memory/cpu usage
  47. Add German language
  48. Change config so the boolean values are booleans and not strings
  49. Add link to showlogin when login is hidden π att the bottom of the page)
  50. add favicon code (generate your own here: here)
  51. When adding/creating news sessions timeout is set to 10 times as long to give more time when writing news
  52. Fix minimum access in edit menu
  53. Fix empty row in news header in certain configurations
  54. Login "Remember me" function
  55. Option to update date when editing news
  56. Add Romanian language
  57. Add configuration option to add more information to the splash page
  58. Plugin for "Batch add news"
  59. Add support for background image in themes
  60. Update site.sql
  61. Fix annon add comments when db session is used
  62. Released build 61
  63. Count words instead of chars when more data in data2.
  64. Fixed vuln CVE-2008-0469
  65. bbcode for center alignment
  66. bbcode for right alignment
  67. bbcode more images in mews (requires db patch)
  68. bbcode img to place the extra images
  69. RSS feed that includes comments
  70. Menu buttons using css
  71. Option to exclude logo image
  72. Extra text next to logo
  73. Released build 72
  74. Share links (digg, facebook, del.icio.us and pusha )
  75. Add print news
  76. Released build 75
  77. Enable/disable voting
  78. Backup/import for all data (db, config and uploaded files)
  79. Download news as PDF
  80. Smilies
  81. Moderated comments/news
  82. code cleanup
  83. Make sure everything still is xhtml1.1 vallid and the css is vallid

Todo before 0.9.2 relese:
  1. Column to the right with latest headlines, guestbook and comments.
  2. Show name (e-mail for users/admin) and in guestbook and comments.
  3. Require name on guestbook and comments.
  4. Add more BBcode (see phpbb home page)
  5. Show max upload file size.
  6. Instalation validator plugin (file access, phpgd and ImageMagick)
  7. Add hompage to users and to annon comments
  8. Add the vallid css/xhtml1.1 logos
  9. Password reminder
  10. More restrictive input filter. Old passwords with special chars will need to be updated (use Password reminder to gain access), since they are encoded before used
  11. Admin interface for removed comments/guestbook entries.
Todo before 0.9.1 relese:
  1. Upload and filebrowser.
  2. keep edited texts in a separate file
  3. Use php-GD when possible and fallback to ImageMagick
  4. cache attrib querys
  5. Use relative path in themes and when selecting themes
  6. page generation time
  7. sql query time (only in debug)
  8. BBcode for font colors
  9. Fonts in generated themes
  10. property for thumb/small image max size
  11. Update comments on acronyms
  12. theme css change input feilds
  13. Remove request id (rid) where its not needed
  14. make sure upload date is not changed when downloading a file
  15. theme based font sizes
  16. Make sure search engine hits is not counted
    (Agents containing: bot, spider, crawl, seek, search, slurp, checker,meta, validator )
  17. detect cookie less users
  18. add type to news and do not use order
  19. last updated date and time from latest news added/edited or file uploaded.
  20. Make plugin of Create templates
  21. last and current login time date and IP
  22. Edit uploaded files info
  23. cookies information according to the law of EU ( See: PTS information page in Swedish)
Todo before 0.9.0 relese:
  1. turn bbcode on/off
  2. balance bbcode
  3. default text in add news
  4. secure bbcode url
  5. Summary for news listing page, full news on viewnews page
  6. ABBR ACRONYM common link.
  7. ABBR ACRONYM common link on/off
  8. ABBR ACRONYM common link edit page.
  9. user select number of news/comments to view
  10. theame support
  11. news only in category page
  12. when only one news viewed use show news
  13. full page news whith link from menu (no comments)
  14. Change initpage setup (not id -2)
  15. Delete comments with deleted news
  16. delete images from disk when news is deleted or image removed/replaced
  17. category cleenup command (to delete unused categories)
  18. plugin support
  19. do not count hits from internal IP:s
  20. Menu edit
  21. warning when not all required feilds is filled
  22. Make sure abbr is not called for menu/site texts.
  23. plugin on/off
Ideas on improvemts:
  1. Add describing text to download files displayed as tooltip
  2. Watermark on uploaded images
  3. theme generated menu images
  4. Menu left or right in config
  5. add more languages (Please help me with this one) Use Firefox extenstion: phplangeditor
  6. support for Google Analytics
  7. Send e-mail notifiction on comment and guestbook
  8. Add Polish language
  9. Add Korean language
Plugin ideas:
  1. news mail
  2. forum
  3. faq
  4. callendar
  5. List all comments
  6. diagram (vikt och längd)
  7. config.php file editor
  8. Address registry
  9. Gallery
Other things:
  1. create a php driven installer program
  2. create a php driven updater program
Download it here:
Tiger Php News System 0.9.2

Or download the test build:
Latest test build

Please add a comment if you want something on the todo list, or if you find a bug.
(I will remove the comment when it is added to the todo list)
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